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Blind Squirrel Enterprises

.45 ACP Blind Squirrel Bundle

.45 ACP Blind Squirrel Bundle

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Here it is, the whole shebang: This bundle contains a 16” Complete .45ACP upper, 3 Model 19-15 Mag Adapters, a speed loader, and even a spare parts kit. With one click, you’re well on your way to being the first kid on your block to feed your AR-15 with 1911 mags…so what are you waiting for? Years from now you’ll be able look back on this day through thick rimmed glasses, as you take a baleful sip of your craft IPA, a single drop escaping through your painstakingly cultivated beard onto your plaid flannel button-down, and tell those yuppie posers that you were into Blind Squirrel before they were cool.

    Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter Safety Information (Read before use) Product Safety Information (Read before use) View full details