Do I need to modify my lower receiver or magazines to use the Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter?

Nope. No drilling, no pinning, no filing: We already did the hard parts for you. Just tighten two screws and you’re good to go.

Will the Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter work with my Lower Receiver?

It fits any AR-15 lower with a standard, 5.56/.223 “Multi-caliber” mag well. If you can stuff a STANAG or PMAG into it, our adapter fits too. No more need to shell out for boutique, single-purpose lowers that will only dine on the finest Austrian polymers. Think about it: Would you rather spend your time filling out 4473s, or mag dumping into trash? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Will the Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter work with my Upper Receiver?

The Model 19-15 is intended for use with mil-spec pistol caliber uppers utilizing a straight blowback (non-locked breech) bolt. It is not compatible with CMMG rotary-delayed blowback systems. 

The best function is achieved by use of bolts that do not have the small protruding dingus (It’s a technical term. Don’t look it up) illustrated below:


Bolts with the dingus will do in a pinch, but have occasionally induced some minor feed issues in our testing, while those without have proven to be 100% reliable.

Do I need more than one adapter?

Since the adapter remains attached to the individual magazine, you will likely want one adapter for each magazine you intend to use. This revolutionary approach of adapting the magazine to the gun allows the seamless use of stock controls, as well as yielding a product that is both affordable and utterly bomb-proof: We’re just that good.

Will I need special or proprietary magazine pouches?

Fear not, range-LARPer: Since the Model 19-15 emulates the exterior dimensions of a standard pattern AR-15 magazine, it will fit in standard mag pouches, and especially well in those designed for 20 rounders. You can rest easy in the knowledge that all those countless hours you spent matching shades of FDE to your eyeshadow were not in vain.

Will the bolt lock open on an empty magazine?

Unfortunately, 1911 magazines don’t lend themselves to this functionality without the addition of fragile moving parts that would compromise the robust and affordable nature of our design. Try to think of it as microdosing the AK-owner lifestyle.

What kind of buffer do I need to use?

As with any blowback pistol-caliber AR equipped with a carbine length buffer tube, it’s advisable to install a heavier than stock buffer to reduce bolt velocity and reduce recoil impulse. Specific weights will depend largely on your personal preference, barrel length, and chosen ammunition. If you’re daunted by tinkering, the rule of thumb in this situation is “The heavier, the better.”

Regardless of buffer weight, we also highly recommend installing a heavier (aka “Extra Power”) buffer spring for added reliability by way of more positive feeding. Remember: Jams belong on toast.

Can I use a mil-spec rifle length buffer and tube?

We highly recommend it. This was our preferred setup throughout our testing stage, as rifle length buffers work flawlessly with absolutely no weight-tuning required. Retro rifle enthusiasts rejoice!

Will the adapter work with 1911 magazines in calibers other than .45ACP?

Absolutely, as we designed the Model 19-15 to be universal. If you can stuff it into a 1911, it’ll feed from our adapter. Please send us video of your .30 Luger PCC build, you absolute lunatic.

Can you ship outside the US?

We presently do not, though if we experience a demand from overseas, we’ll certainly look into doing so. We’re kind of like wild animals: If you feed us, you’ll never get rid of us. Feel free to reach out!

Is this legal in my state?

Totally. The adapter is neither firearm, nor magazine, and thus is not regulated by any existing state firearms legislation. In fact, it’s a great gateway to build a PCC in states with restrictions on magazine capacities, and is fully functional in a fixed-magazine configuration AR build. Checkmate, California.

Will a build that uses this adapter work with hollowpoints?

We’ve experienced excellent reliability with a wide variety of bullet designs and weights, but as with any firearm, your mileage may vary. A good rule of thumb is that if a particular load feeds well in your 1911, it will most likely work in your carbine.

Can I get the adapter in different colors?

As Henry Ford famously said, “…any color so long as it is black.”

That said, we base our offerings off of customer demand, so if there’s a particular shade you’d like to see, feel free to let us know…Or you could just rattle-can it: I’m not your supervisor.

Is it safe to drop the magazine and adapter?

Absolutely. The Model 19-15 was built with ruggedness and hard use in mind. We’ve dropped our test models both intentionally and otherwise more times than we can count, and we can say with confidence that our adapter will outlast even the magazine that it’s attached to.

TL;DR for the gen Z crowd: YEET IT.