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Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter - 3 Pack

Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter - 3 Pack

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Behold: The first ever adapter that allows you to use 1911 magazines in a standard, unmodified AR-15 lower receiver…And this time there’s three of them!
By taking the radical approach of modifying the magazine to the rifle, our design yields a product that has no moving parts, permits the seamless use of the AR platform’s stock controls, is easy to install, hard to kill, and best of all: It’s easy on the wallet.
Each Model 19-15 Magazine Adapter consists of a precision CNC-Machined Nylon 66 clamshell, two screws, and a fixed stainless ejector.

Please check our FAQ section for tips, tricks, and upper receiver compatibilities.

This bundle contains 3 complete adapters for the price of 2 2/3 individual adapters: Either it’s a bargain, or we worked out our pricing scheme after a three-martini lunch….Either way, you win, so get yours today!

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    This product is Patent-Pending.

    Product Safety Information (Read before use)


    Nylon + Steel


    ~2.5" x 2.5"

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